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Gruzia Product and Service Return Policy sets out the reasons for acceptance, requirements for products to be returned, and how long it takes to process returns for customers.
1. Conditions of goods meeting the requirements of return:
1.1. About the product:
– Products are delivered incorrectly in quantity, information and models compared to the order.
– The product is damaged due to manufacturer’s fault (technical failure, design error, content, hidden / content errors, differences from the manufacturer’s announced quality standards) or errors during transport (deformed, scratched, dirty, cracked …).
1.2. Customers need to change their demand:
– GRUZIA accepts return for the reason of changing customer needs, but the product is accepted for exchange will be based on the business policy at the time of customer request.
– Not applicable to products on the list of promotional or liquidation products.
1. Terms and Conditions:
– Products are intact, full of labels, bales, sealed in original specifications (except for products that are defective or damaged during transportation).
– The product has full accessories (box, delivery note …) and accompanying gifts (if any).
– The product is not dirty, with the label intact (except in case of fault or damage during transportation) with no signs of being used.
– You also keep a confirmation of your purchase at GRUZIA (order number, purchase invoice, delivery receipt, bank statement …) and provide us with enough information to confirm the order. row.
2. The cases cannot be returned:
– Poor quality products due to improper storage of alcohol by customers, places with high humidity, direct sunlight
– The chipped wine bottle is no longer in its original state (in case of chipping, damage during transportation, you need to contact us immediately to update the situation and handling directions)
– The stamp label is peeled off the wine bottle and some other cases.
3. Time to apply exchange
– Unless otherwise specified, you have a period of 07 days from the date of receipt to send a request to return to us.
4. The time of request for exchange will be based on:
– If the customer sends by post or courier: the time is calculated according to the postmark’s receipt mark or the courier unit.
– If the customer brings / sends goods to the exchange shop by himself: the time is calculated when the employee at GRUZIA receives the returned product from the customer.
1. Refund methods include:
– Refund through the payment gateway system.- Refund through bank transfer.
– Refunds via banks that accept cards.
– Cash refund at GRUZIA stores.
– Refund through another product with the same or higher value.
2. Processing time
– GRUZIA will send the results of response to the refund request to you via email or / and SMS, social media contact … within a maximum of 05 working days since GRUZIA receives the request from you. about the product.
– If the refund request meets the requirements in section II, GRUZIA will carry out the refund procedures for the customer since the request for return is made within the following time:
With non-bank payment: customers will receive the refund in 5-7 working days.
With the payment method via banks: GRUZIA will complete the refund procedure from 5-7 working days and send a request to the bank for processing and refunding to customers’ accounts.
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